Of Stone and Sky

Of Stone and Sky novel by Merryn Glover

After Highland shepherd, Colvin Munro, disappears, twelve of his possessions are gradually found in a mysterious trail leading up into the Cairngorm mountains.  Writing the eulogy for his memorial seven years later, his foundling sister Mo seeks to discover why he vanished. As former church minister and current owner of the pub, she knows everyone’s story: his Traveller mother, alcoholic war-vet father, Bolivian wife, musician daughter, bird-obsessed son, friends and foes. Most significant are the revelations of his younger brother, Sorley, who escaped their bereaved childhood and the burdens of the farm to make his fortune in the City. With Colvin at its heart, and threaded together by the finding of his twelve possessions, Mo’s story circles out to embrace the entire community, their history and the landscape that shapes them.

This novel, set where I live in The Cairngorms National Park, will be published in May 2021 by Polygon. Available for pre-order here.