I am a writer with a published novel and work appearing in anthologies, journals and newspapers, and broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and Radio 4. I am also a qualified English, drama and dance teacher and a facilitator for creativity. Whether travelling the globe or at my desk, crossing cultures is my life.

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My short stories have won competitions, been widely anthologised and broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


A life-long love of theatre has seen me performing, devising and writing plays, now mainly for radio.

Other Tales

Journalism, documentary, blogging, life-story, reviews, spiritual journaling and poetry.

a house called askival

My first novel, A House Called Askival, was published by Freight Books in June 2014.  Set in north India and spanning 70 years of recent history through the lives of one family, it is ultimately the story of a rebel daughter and her father who need reconciliation before he dies.


"Askival is just what the best historical fiction should be: the individual story from the heart of great events. She does it with humour, compassion, and an acute sense of moral drama. Excellent."
Jonathan Falla, author of The Craft of Fiction 

"Glover understands houses are never just houses. Askival will break your heart."
Cynthia Rogerson, author of I Love You, Goodbye

"It is so very good – the writing, the characterisation, the thematic concerns and the impressive management of a complex structure. I found it very moving."
Sara Maitland, author of The Book of Silence and Gossip from the Forest


An absolutely wonderful story on Radio 4 today.  Atmospheric, beautiful and moving.

On ‘Her Mother’s Songs’ the late Jon Lord of Deep Purple

The central themes – about love, parental influence, hidden secrets, loyalty, and the importance of faith – produce a gripping storyline.

On ‘Askival’ Lavinia Byrne, The Church Times

There are shafts of light in Merryn Glover’s touching drama.

On ‘Immaculate’ John Bungey, The Times

“Very informative, positive course; inspirational and friendly.” “It’s focused me really well and given me confidence and self-belief.” “Super!”

On the Writing Course Participants on the CLP Creative Writing Course, 2015

I was totally captivated by this book. The depictions of India are so rich you can smell the air, and the characters are utterly vibrant.

On ‘Askival’ Dr Kirsty Williams, BBC Scotland