– Praise for Immaculate, Radio 4, Nov 2011 –

Wonderful drama – Paul Donovan, Sunday Times

A profoundly uplifting story – Jane Anderson, Radio Times

There are shafts of light in Merryn Glover’s touching drama – John Bungey, The Times

Immaculate can be downloaded from Audible.

I have been indulging in a life of high drama for as long as I can remember, though to the casual observer it probably resembles farce.  Through drama classes at high school and teachers’ college I improvised, devised, wrote, performed and directed everything from mask to Shakespeare to contemporary theatre, and revelled in it all.  This flowed into my work as a freelance performer and workshop leader with several companies in central Scotland including The MacRoberts Arts Centre, Borderline Theatre Company and The Ramshorn Theatre.  I occasionally return to classroom teaching and directing, but the focus of my drama work is now play writing.  Since attending a Radio Drama Lab with BBC Scotland in 2005, I have worked closely with producers there in developing ideas and scripts, and there’s always something on the boil.

I am grateful for the support of the Scottish Book Trust, the team at BBC Scotland Radio Drama, the Playwrights Studio and the Scottish Society of Playwrights.


My Life and Other Stories, BBC Radio 4, March 2016 – A romantic comedy of tall tales and false identity

A Nepali Nativity, school musical, Kathmandu, 2011 – the Christmas story reborn in a Nepali village

Immaculate, BBC Radio 4, 2011 – A troubled teenager claims an immaculate conception

The Colour of Light, BBC Radio Scotland, 2009 – A mother’s journey when her adult son cuts off contact

The Long Way Home, BBC Radio Scotland, 1998 – Caring for a sister with dementia, a woman discovers secrets, inner strength and love

The Long Way Home, stage play performed in Falkirk, Stirling and Alloa, 1997