Other Tales


I have had feature articles published in magazines and newspapers including The Guardian, The Guardian Weekly and Woman Alive.

Here’s a piece in the Guardian:  Why I challenged my sons to a week of computer games.



While travelling around the world with my husband and sons for seven months in 2011/2012, I wrote a blog Around the World in Eighty Wickets.  It’s all about family life on the road through India, Nepal, Australia and South Africa… with a cricket bat.



In 2000, after several years of work in Nepal, I co-wrote the script for a documentary, Sunshine in the Shadows, about development work in a remote region.


Reminiscence & Life-Story            

I have been involved in a number of projects drawing out the memories and life-stories of others and then crafting these into a finished piece for the teller to share with family and friends.  In 1996 I compiled and edited a collection of these stories from elderly people in central Scotland into the anthology I Remember Sunny Days. 



I have written reviews of fiction for Northwords Now and am always interested to do more.


Spiritual Journaling

I lead retreat days in the ancient practice of keeping a diary of the spiritual life.



I have always written poetry but never tried to get it published.  Yet…