I am a writer with a published novel and work appearing in anthologies, journals and newspapers, and broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and Radio 4.  I am also a qualified English, drama and dance teacher and a facilitator for creative expression.  Whether travelling the globe or at my desk, crossing cultures is my life. 

  • The Nomad gives something of my story.
  • WritingStories, Plays and Other Tales tell you about my publications, broadcasts and works in progress.
  • Adventures tells you what I’m up to as a writer in the big wide world.
  • Saddle Bags gives links and resources on the wonderful world of literature.
  • Companions is all about how we could work together.  Along with the solitude writing demands,  I love the magic of coming together with others to fire the imagination and create new things.
  • Postcards is where you can  contact me.

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